Hermod firmware update 1.02

Bug fixes:

● When muting an LFO, modulation signal wasn’t going through, it is now solved. Square and S&H were blocking earlier modulation, it is now properly going through.
● When saving and loading a project, Cv clock output was hanging, it is now properly going through.
● Greatly improved internal clock accuracy (from ~0.5% to ~0.07%).
● The hold timings was causing some issue with the play buttons. The timing is now a little longer and the handling process was improved.
● Accessing BPM know works seemlessly
● The reset CV input previously only worked with CV clock, it now works with each clock mode.
● Changing sequence or loading a project wasn’t reloading the modMatrix properly, it is now solved.
● When launching REC with the sequencer stopped, the held note are now correctly recorded.
● In restart playback mode, when a song is running, each sequence will now restart from the beginning.
● In sequence mode, a “full” setting was added to loop length (just before 1). The loop length is set as the longest track length of the sequence.
● Now you can change the loop length without deleting the chain.
● General stability improvement.

Download it now: http://squarp.net/hermodos


Thanks ! 20 characters

Cool, thanks a lot!!

stellar work thank you! :ok_hand:

Everything seems more “speed”. And I do not have the wheel bug anymore.

the midi learn functionality stops working at random, have to reboot the module

Sorry, but where is this MIDI Learn function in Hermod?
Thank you

So when you hold a pad to select a note you supposedly can set its pitch via a plugged in midi keyboard but sometimes it works most often it doesn’t :frowning:

Ok. Thnak. I will see!

@madeinspace : The “Midi Learn” fonctionality isn’t supposed to work like that. What you want to do is press the note on your keyboard first, and then input it in the pattern using one of the pad. Doing it your way might work sometimes but it’s a “undefined” behaviour (which is bad, we will try to work on that).


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That’s a bit counter intuitive the other way around is more logical but I guess that’ll do for now thanks

please make that a feature request is it’s not one!