Hermod external midi in to clock/run out


I’m trying to sync pams new workout with hermod for clock and run and the midi clock is coming from and external mpc via the USB device port. In using track 8 gate and cv to pams clock and run so G8+Run in settings

I can do this if I use hermod clock but not if I’m using external but I’m pretty sure the manual says this should work

However pam does not start stop and cannot see the BPM. I also have a poly2 and that has no problems doing this.

Any ideas?

yes, this works…
I do this all the time, albeit with a different setup
I sync via midi from a pyramid in via usb midi into hermod, then g8+run out to my USTA.

Im guessing, that you are not getting the external clock to work correctly?

Clock Source = device port

are you seeing the BPM change?

cv out (g8+run) setup is identical, when using internal or external clock - so if you have that working for internal, no reason for it to not work from an external midi clock.

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