Hermod - Envelope Generator? Yes or no?


I understand the concepts of Mod and the way the Hermod can act as a 8 LFO generator. It’s quite insane. Could the CV out be used as an envelope generator?

Let’s say the Gate 1 is triggering an OSC and that i want the CV1 to be sent to modulate the OSC on each gate with an envelope routed to the pitch of the OSC to effectively create some kind of kick drum percussion. It could be done right? It’s not explicitly stated in the manual or the demos on youtube. That’s why i’m asking! :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


+1 I’d love for the Hermod to be able to output an envelope and not just a gate!


+1 big time! Would expand the usefulness so much!

+1 for an enveloppe function too !

Yeah well, with the modulation tracks and the LFO effects it could be done even with the current firmware, you’d just have to program it. ?

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+1 to bring this back up.

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