Hermod+ effect limits

I’m learning all of the functions and have tried to set up a template with muted effects, it appears I can only set up 43 total effects is that correct? My initial intention was to set up the tracks with effects how I would like to maybe use them, parameters edited from defaults, and then unmute them if I want them. I understand this might be against how they intended but if I divide 43 effects by 16 tracks which I do have 16 devices, that’s only less than three effects per track allowed, which seems limiting and maybe unintended. All of the manual information implies eight effects per track I can’t find any limitations listed unless I missed it. I understand in practice I’m probably not generally pushing to this many effects but my initial thought was to save myself a bunch of clicking with the knob by having them ready to unmute, which does seem more performative and convenient.

I’m surprised to hear this (never tried adding that many before) but I assumed 8 per track would be possible. What actually happens when you try to add the 44th effect?

They confirmed there is a limit to number of effects per project, did not give exact, i have hit it with 38 and 43 before, so i think it depends on which effects you are adding. There is an error message that says too many effects. They said they may be able to allow more down the road, but that they didnt think anyone would load that many or use them in the manner i was trying. I haven’t needed that many yet but i was leaving them muted and unmuting if i felt like trying them. So hopefully they enable more so i can try that on more tracks.

Ya that’s too bad, I like your idea of creating a template with lots of effects ready to go.

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