Hermod deleted my projects

I’ve had Hermod for a few weeks now, and at first it was a little buggy with the firmware it shipped with but I updated to 1.21 and this seems to have fixed the issues. Before I updated I had 3 projects saved on the SD card which I backed up just to be safe.

Since then it’s been working really well and I had made another 10 projects or so, most being quite complex with 8 sequences in each. But today when I turned on my system, all of my projects except for the 3 I made before the update have disappeared… I checked the microSD on my computer and they have been completely removed.

I’ve reformatted the card and started again fresh, but i’m worried that this could happen right before a live set (I could take a backup microSD but it’s not exactly easy to swap them over)

Has anyone else had a similar experience?