Hermod CC Set Up

Hi there folks, so I am new around here having just picked up a Hermod:) I have the Hermod in my system to play 3 voices and also control a couple of the Boss Guitar pedals (DD500 and RV500). So basically all is going well except for an issue I am having with Midi CCs; might someone be able to help:)

I have a master keyboard plugged into the Hermod. I have the output of the Hermod (Midi Din socket) plugged into the Boss pedal.

I would like to record note and CC data into the Hermod which it then converts the Notes etc. to CV and sends out via CV and for the recorded CC messages to be forwarded to the Midi Output (Midi Din socket) to control parameters of the pedal plugged in. The questions are 1) Is this possible? and 2) How would I set this up:)

Any help on this from would be greatly appreciated, all the best.

if you want to record, then you need to setup one (modulation) track for each CC to record , using the midi in effect -> input mod to set the CC.
for output to midi din, you could then set the midi out dest mod to the same CC.

(note: you’ll have issues if you use cc 1 , as this unfortunately always use as an input source to modulation tracks - please @squarpadmin change this!!!)

of course, this is limited to 8 tracks you have available - but thats just a limitation of hermod.

alternatively, rather than midi out effect you can use midi thru to send all midi messages thru from input to output (din) … though this wont apply effects, or let you play back looped recordings. but means your not using tracks up.

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