Hermod Bugs 1.021 (muted arp continues playing)

If I stop the sequencer while an arp is playing on one of the tracks. Then mute that track. Then hit play - the arp notes play again for a second or two even though the track is muted. pressing Stop and Play again resolves it. Happens every time so the play, stop, play workaround is my only solution currently

Hello @lostforwords
Thanks for your report. Unfortunately, I’m unable to reproduce that one.

  1. I power on Hermod (empty project)
  2. I create a track with a long note
  3. I add the ARP effect
  4. I stop Hermod, mute the ARP, and then play Hermod
    = the arp do not play, only the long note is sent

I muted the “track” not the effect after stopping Hermod. So there should have been no notes at all when I hit play again but I got a moment of the previously running Arp. I’ll test it again at the weekend.

It would be great to have this procedure, I still can’t reproduce it :slight_smile: