Hermod / Bitbox Polyphony?

I know this has been asked before but I couldn’t find an answer.
Does anyone use Hermod with a 1010Music Bitbox sampler for polyphonic sample playing - over TRS MIDI?
Any thoughts please?

i’ve sequenced the “bigger” versions – Pyramid to Blackbox. polyphony was not an issue but if you plan on triggering Clips from Hermod to be synced to its clock, i found the process frustrating (clean 4/4 loops are relatively easy to sync cleanly; other less rhythm-based loops, like vocal or melodic samples… not so much, for me)

Hermod & Bitbox micro here. In my opinion → an absolute workhorse combo. I use a lot of multisampled instruments on the bb Micro and polyphony over Midi TRS works very well : )

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