Hermod as drum controller

Is it possible to control 16 drum modules via squarp Hermod connected to Ableton live? So far I have managed to control 8 modules via polyphony mode by connecting them to 8 gates of 8 voices, where each trigger is one note on the midi output in Ableton live. But the 8 cv notes remain blank, and I would like to use them to control other modules. Even this combination did not prove to be very successful because when resetting the program, the triggers are mixed.
Can these problems be overcome?

Thank you

theoretically you can…

you would set all tracks to be MOD tracks - then you could sends CC (what ever default to 1) to 127/0
you’d set all tracks to different midi channels.
at least i think that should work

Thank you for your reply,
can you be a little more precise how to do that. Or some tutorial link on how to do it?

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