Hermod as an attenuverter?

So it seems we can attenuverte the incoming CV input if it modulates an internal parameter but I couldn’t find a way to attenuverte something through Hermod and then route the attenuverted version to one of the track’s CV. Is it possible? (Basically it would be nice if I could use Hermod as an attenuverter/offset module!).

an expensive attenuverter :wink:

as you say, not possible (well at least that I can think of)
I think this would need to be a new ‘scale/offset’ FX which would work on MOD tracks - this could actually be useful in other situations too. eg. offset and LFO fx.

so , think you’ll have to raise a feature request via the contact form

yes, but an attenuverter/offset that comes with a sequencer and FXs, that’s quite new isn’t it :grin:.

But seriously, I have sometimes a few tracks that I do not use so this could come in handy and I do not have an attenuverter/offset right now so this would save some valuable HP (that’s why I would like the Hermod to be able to output -10v to +10v as we can set the range anyway… that would be very useful for some modules that require 0v - 8v…).

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is hermod strictly +/-5v , thats hardware design … not something that could be changed in firmware.

I sometimes use a befaco ABC to offset it, the big draw back is if you want accurate v/oct you have to start using precision adder … and even then, if your not using a quantiser you have to be really careful how you dial in the voltage :frowning:

fortunately, most of the time +/-5v works for my modules in an acceptable range.

Yeah, I assumed the actual range can’t be changed but I’m wishing out loud for “Herpax”. I know nothing about hardware though so no idea how hard it is to create a -10v 10v range that you can precisely constrained but the more HP I save the happier! but the attenuverter thingy seems possible with a firmware update, that gives me hope!

The Morphagene wants 0v-8v for its organize CV, 8 octaves, ok, sure but in the end, I can’t never reach the last 3 reels so I need to create empty reels. It works but wouldn’t that be nice if Herpax could be set to output 0v 8v without the need for an offset, precision adder, quantizer…

as I say, not going to happen +/-5v is part of the hardware specs .

this… just explaining the reasoning

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