Hermod and m303

Ive just got hold of an Acidlab.de m303. When playing it from a keystep it behaves normal.

But from the Hermod all notes under like C6 is just LFO-territory almost, too low. And from C6 the m303 starts to sound like it should.

Cant get figure out what causes this, any ideas?

Midi fx ( slot 1) : root note 0v ?

That value was “0”, increasing it made it all better. So thats a work around i guess. Thanks.

Still a bit weird, maybe the Hermod needs calibration?

what its not tracking?

It is perfectly normal for the Keystep and Hermod to ‘disagree’ about pitch/voltage.
there is no standard in Eurorack for what pitch 0v represents. (partly because its relative to the oscillator tuning)

Hermod uses -5v to +5v for pitch, so Squarp chose C0=-5v C10=+5v , so C5=0v
(as default, so when root note 0v = 0)

Keystep chose to represent 0v at a different pitch - but its configurable in their software I believe.

what I think you’ve found is… Keystep is putting out much higher voltages e.g. C3=0v, and you have ‘tuned’ your oscillator to that, thus when you attach the hermod it appears to be low.
but the keystep voltage range is no more ‘right’ than the hermod.

note: sometimes I do set hermod root 0v = 12, so that C4 = 0v , but usually not as its all relative i.e. I tune by oscillators to what hermod is putting out.


Ok great explaining, much appriciated.

Yeah i guess most oscillators covers up for that with having a really wide fequency range to compensate? The m303 is really narrow. But that root note setting is really useful here, really loving the Hermod overall. Thanks again!

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