Hermod+ and Bluebox Eurorack on a 7U perf Intellijel case

maybe it’s a silly question but anyway…
I’m planning to use both Hermod+ and Bluebox Eurorack in the same Intellijel 7U Performance case.
Unfortunately the case is rated at 1.500mA max at 5v and (according to modulargrid) both Hermod+ and Bluebox require 850 mA each at 5v for a total of 1.700mA.

Are these 850 mA effectively required by hermod+ ? Am I going to damage anything if I try to put them together in the case ?
Is there any workaround ?

Thanks GF

Unlike bluebox, Hermod+ allows to draw power solely from 12v if you switch the switch on the back as far as i know, so Hermod+ is no problem