Hermod and Analog Step Sequencers - tutorial

This video is waaaay too long, but I hope you find something useful!

tldw: Can use a note or modulation track to generate a clock if having sync issues with hermod gate sync. To quantize linear input, you quantize on the cv-input settings to chromatic notes, then you can use a scale effect on the track to lock to a specific scale.

Tutorial showing how to use a Korg SQ1 (and similar analog step sequencers) with the Squarp Hermod Sequencer. Talks about syncing, quantizing and general approaches to using a step sequencer along side a digital sequncer. A small polyryhtym demo near the end.


thanks, I’ll have to watch this later … Ive got quite a deep interest in using hermod with other sequencers etc.

Im guessing you use CV A/B as cv/gate into a track? then scale fx … and perhaps other fx?
I actually do this quite a lot, but for a slightly different reason…

I use it to record generated sequences from Mutable Instruments Marbles…
of course, Marbles allows you to ‘lock’ sequences, but you cannot really save them for later, and also you can only use ‘one track’.
so what I do is record within Hermod onto the ‘active track’ , which I similar to you have a scale fx on.

so I then basically get marbles to generate something I like , lock it, then record it on a track on hermod, playing to one ‘synth voice’
then, I change track, and grab something new from Marbles on to a new track, to a new synth voice.

rinse and repeat.

what’s nice about this approach is Marble allows you to take one sequence and subtly modify it… so its quite quick to build up a set of tracks which are different but related.
… of course, mix this with sequences, add some fx on hermod, and its a fun ‘generative’ system :slight_smile:

Yeah! Almost just like this, I tend to leave the sequencer as the active track. The revelation for me was mostly using something other than a keyboard to input melodies.

With the sq1 I also suggest you can use it so that it is 2 sequences running in parallell and use one for modulation. This can use input C/D and record to a modulation track so you can use the same workflow you describe, just with additional modulation that can be turned on/off.

I like your idea a lot too! I may have to try it with the shift register modes of the disting into the hermod.

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