Hermod: aftertouch and arpeggiator latch + MPE

Greetings. I’m considering one of these, and played around with one yesterday with a Linnstrument, which seemed to work flawlessly (though I couldn’t really test it out).

My questions:

–is there an arpeggiator “latch” function? A latch usually works by holding the notes you play until you play some other notes. So if I played E-G-B it would repeat those even after I removed my hands from the keyboard, until I hit A-C-E and then it would replace them with A-C-E. This is how “latch” works for Ableton Live and Expert Sleepers FH-2.

–is there a way to set up a voice with pitch, gate and aftertouch (no velocity)? If not, would that be theoretically possible in a software update?

–lastly, if I’m using the Hermod as a hub, and play my Linnstrument in through the host port and send MIDI through to my iPhone via the USB-B client port, will it pass the MPE data? If I recorded the phrase, would it record all the per-note and multichannel info? Currently, for MPE I run 4 channels on my Linnstrument.

Here is an explanation of MPE if you don’t know it: http://www.rogerlinndesign.com/mpe.html Basically, I use 4 channels instead of one so I get unique aftertouch and velocity for each note I play (up to 4 at a time).

Thank you.

don’t know about the arp… don’t think there is a latch
(I assume this is non-mpe, as I think very few (any?) will do an MPE arp, given the chord notes are on individual channels)

voice = pitch + gate, but this is not really an issue, since you’ll end up running out of cv outputs before gates :wink:

aftertouch, theres an aftertouch to velocity option on midi in fx, this might do what you want.

honestly not tried it… and the concern is the ‘on top of velocity’ does that mean it still initially sends velocity - I would hope not, as that’s not really useful, it should be one or the other.

the hermod can now do mulitrack recording, so if you can set it up it should record everything.

note: it has no concept of MPE, so you will explicitly set the midi channel for each track, i.e. you’ll be trying to treat it like 4 mono tracks.
also of course, with 4 tracks - your not going to get the Y axis (cc74) , that would mean another track, so you’d be down to 2 touches (+ 2 spare cv tracks)

there is a midi thru option, so hopefully this means you should be able to pass the data thru from linnstrument to iPhone untouched (but again not tried this… with MPE)

on modular, I tend not to use the polyphonic side of expressive controllers much, as I don’t have (nor can afford :wink: ) a huge polyphonic system.
if I did id probably go for a module with explicit MPE support (FH2 is nice as its expandable, endorphins is also cool) - but these wont record, or many of the other features of hermod, so tough call…

Thanks. I really need a latch. The MPE is for software (piano etc) run off my phone. But not all interfaces pass all data.

Aftertouch is useful even in mono since in modular it can control anything.

Anyone else?