Here's a weird one: Ghost notes ARP + RAND:Velocity +/-

Not sure if I’m smoking crack, but can dupe this with a brand new project.
It’s not affecting me, figure I might have fun with this if I can count on it being a ‘feature’, and it’s easy enough to workaround. heh

Create a new project

  • Put one Note or one Chord on a Track, 4 bars long. (Make the Note or Chord 4 bars long along with the length of the Track).
  • Add FX: ARP and select Marble, Rhythm 1-3 (was figuring it was any arp with silence in it, but it only does it with these 4 that I noticed with cursory testing)
  • Add RAND and adjust Velocity + or -.
  • Do you hear ghost notes in the ‘silence’?

Pretty sure I’m not getting a loopback because I’m sending out MIDI DIN and none of those have a return. (USB MIDI does on my system, but it runs through a BomeBox normally and that is how it is routed to loop back. BomeBox is currently not connected physically)

Anyone with a bit of time to kill with an interest in trying to dupe this on their system or has anyone run into anything like this?


yes you are right, i have that too. i recordet the midifile in my daw and the gostnotes are the lowest c.


Oh i definitely want to try this now

Its actually kind of cool if you like that 16th note feel

Strangely, I noticed something similar on the last track I was working on. The notes were entered via Step mode on the first half of a 16 bar loop whilst there was an audible C note heard later on in the loop with no obvious evidence of it ever being entered. It disappeared when I disabled the Quantize effect on that same track. Any ideas why this might be happening and how to resolve it?

The issue discussed here is 2 years old and there have been several updates since then.

However, it might not be the same issue.
I would suggest starting a fresh thread specific to your issue with a detailed step-by-step to recreate the issue or contacting Squarp directly at Contact us | Squarp instruments

As always, first step should be to verify you’re using the latest OS, which you can get at PyraOS Update | Squarp instruments

I’ll close the thread to avoid necroposting.