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I’m currently in the process of converting some old tracks into pyramid, by chopping old melodic Midi recordings in Logic Pro and crafting them into Pyramid patterns… So far so good, did 2 tracks already… There’s a lot of “odd number of steps” loops in there and I figured out how to do it easily using the Polymeter setting (first time I use this), seems to work nice. However this was with < 16 step patterns, not really rocket science.

Now I’m facing longer loops and I’m unsure how to proceed. I’m redoing all the beats manually in the Pyramid and I want them to be in same time signature/length as the melodic sections I’m importing.
For example this one is a repetition of 9x6 steps, and 14 steps at the end. Bringing the total loop size to 68 steps.
When I import it in the Pyramid, using polymeters I set the Time Signature to 17/4. Which works well, a zoom level of 4 gives 68 steps and I can program beats to it that perfectly align over 5 pages.
However the “length” of the pattern is “1 bar”, which may be an indication that my approach is not fully correct?

Basically I need some advice if I’m doing things correctly.

Here’s a screenshot of how this loop looks in Logic Pro (which is just set to 4/4, the recording was made with Logic, not composed in Logic)

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step count is number of steps at a given zoom level.
so at x4 you are using 1/16th notes (as x/4) , so 17x4 (zoom) = 68

is this correct ? well it all depends what you were after :wink:
(hard to say, given your logic track also ignored tempo/time signature… so we dont have a reference point)

of course, you can adjust tempo to make it play at the speed you want.
when you will might start getting issues, is when you do other tracks in the same projects.
since have a global tempo… so at that point, the time of the a bar (or 1/4 note) become relevant.

well the source is all basic Roland x0x machine patterns in 4/4 time with exotic amounts of steps.
So far this method seems to work, it’s ok that it’s seen as “one bar” as I want it to play completely (setting SEQ mode to 1 bar as well). So yes this will work for me the way I’m doing it now… Just trying to not second-guess myself too much

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