Help with PC and LSB with my Novation Peak


I’m Using my Hapax with a Digitone and Digitakt it’s great. I’ve also got Novation Peak too, it’s not multi-timbral, but I set the Peak up on Track 11 and 12, with 12 muted and have patterns on both tracks, I could just create the different patterns on the same track, but I was seeing if I could use 2 tracks at different times with the Peak and also use a different patch sounds on the Peak.

I’m not sure it’s designed for this though? It’s just an 8th voice poly synth to be played on 1 midi channel only with the same sound.

I did try with 2 different patches on 2 different tracks with 1 track muted and then swapped them, but the Peak patch sounded a little odd after the change to the other track. I just use a different PC (Peak patch number) and LSB (Peak patch bank).

I guess I should be just using the Peak on a single track with the same patch/sound only and just use the 8 patterns there? Not really design to use multiple sounds at different times?


You will need to use pattern level program change (hold down a pattern to see the option) and you could switch between patterns in the same track. If you want to use two tracks, you will need to mute by selecting an empty pattern in the first track and do the opposite in the other track. This activated the pattern which should trigger the program change, which probably doesn’t happen with the mute button.

that’s the safe way to do things, yeah…but music doesn’t have to be safe! :slight_smile:

the Peak can switch patches very quickly as i’m sure you know, so doing some quick switching of patches between patterns is possible, but you’re likely going to run into some ‘weird’ things as you mentioned. bleedover of effects, quick snaps of the filter/resonance, potentially artifacts from LFOs modulating things getting set to new positions? speculating partly, i don’t play with that sort of thing often but i’ve noticed some similar things on just normal patch switching.

but if you have a ‘set’ of patches designed to not trigger those issues when patch switching (and/or designing the pattern info from the Hapax not to trigger them either), i could see something like this being interesting with the Hapax + Peak.

that said, the Summit of course could solve this issue i believe…i think you can treat each ‘half’ of it totally separately.