Help with Hermod and Ableton Live 9


I’m using WIN 10 and Ableton Live 9 and I want to integrate it with my Eurorack.
Is Hermod the best option to sync them together? I don’t have Yarns, PEXP-1 or any other modules with midi.
Can someone help me configure this? Is is best to sync Ableton to Hermod OR Hermod to Ableton?
HELP! I’m not seeing very little/vague info on syncing Hermod and Ableton Live together anywhere online. I’m worried.

You can use either Hermod or Ableton as clock master

Connect Hermod via usb to pc.

If you want Hermod to be master,
On Hermod clock input = internal clock
in Ableton midi prefs select Hermod as source select sync , then press ext on toolbar
( details in Ableton manual)

If you want Ableton as master,
In Ableton make sure sync is off on Hermod
On Hermod , clock input = usb device.

I sometimes use Hermod as master, sometimes I slave it - depends what I’m up to.
I suspect most use the DAW as the master.

Probably good idea for you to try both so you know how to do both options.

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Above assumes you are using midi…
But seen your post about using about using RME , are you planning on using that as a dc coupled cv clock?

If so then you could feed the clock/transport into cv a/b on Hermod, and then slave Hermod to it by selecting cv a/b as clock input.

This would be a tighter sync, as usb midi on PCs can be prone to a bit of jitter.

Hermod is very flexible , so it’s really your choice depending upon what your goals are, and hardware you have :slight_smile:

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