Help needed to setup Prophet 6 as main keyboard


Roland retired Edirol in about 2010 and the PCR’s along with it. I bought a Novation controller in the same week I bought my PCR-300 way back in 2003. The ReMote25 is still going strong.

I stand corrected on the NRPN support.

Do a search on “Edirol PCR not working” and you will find the dead key issue is the most common to the point of there being PCR key repair videos on YouTube.

The actual Roland branded controller keyboard range has been the “A” range for a long time, but I’ve never used one and won’t ever buy one as I’m not convinced that they are any different to the Edirols products.

One of these days I’ll try out a CME controller, they have a reputation as great long lasting controllers with very nice action. Novation’s controllers are good but I’d like a little bit less synth action in the keys and more of a piano action.


So as for the original topic, I’ve got my P6 working great as a midi keyboard controlling my other synths (preenfm2 and waldorf blofeld), but I do find it awfully frustrating to lose the use of the modwheel when the midi is filtered through my iCA4+.

I wish DSI would simply implement a local keyboard off, so that I could utilize the modwheel and all those beautiful knobs to control other synths and fx. It’s really good fun to map all those knobs to my blofeld record cc automation of wavetable sweeps, filters, etc manually. Until DSI gets it together, I guess it’s either make do or get another midi controller :frowning:


stupid question…when does it start to freeze up or not play.?
my experince with hardware sequencers is i use up it’s memory via midi info so fast…cc7 cc1,pitch…simultaneously nvm cc78 …for me that shit clogged 16 gig compy…i can reimagine the nightmare …not again i’m just new…dear scared now