Help needed to have Pyramid clock modular (Varigate/Pam's)

any help is appreciated here:
I’m trying to clock my modular form the pyramid.
If I follow the instructions and assign envOUT to either dinSync or metronome out, both Varigate4+ and Pam’s workout detect tempos beyond 300 BPM. I did set the dinSync to sync1 but Varigate just detects some very high temp and runs through the sequence much much too fast…
I can set triggers on 8th notes and send them to gate_out and clock varigate successfully this way - but this also leaves me with gate output for other duties

any idea what I could be doing wrong here?

I had problems for a while syncing Pam’s to Pyramid. Solved it by setting them both to PPQN24. No idea if that’s any use to you at all! Hope you get it sorted.


thank you - I figured out how to clock Pam’s now. Turns out Varigate4+ is the culprit and doesn’t seem to accept anything higher than 8th note pulses. Ideally I’d like to use the same clock for the 2 modules rather than going through Pam’s and sacrifice a channel on Pam’s… (and add a potential source for jitter/latency)
any Varigate buffs on here? the manual is rather sparse on the topic


Your best bet is to accept the channel loss from PNW to gain the 24ppqn resolution. This just makes things work better on Pam’s (like clock multiplication). Worse comes to worse, you could hack/buy a Din to mini jack cable and send that to Pam’s and use the CV out to clock the VG4+.

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thank you for confirming, i have come to a similar conclusion… cheers

I think you could also use the 2x CV outputs of Pyramid and have them set to different clocks… don’t quote me on that though.

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