Help entering freeform chords in note step mode. Pyros 2.0

From page 17 of the manual -

“You can also press a key while holding to directly enter a desired note (or
press multiple keys to enter a chord)”.

Has anyone been able to enter chords this way?
For me the chords are played but do not get written to the track.

Thanks in advance for any info.

actually, when you press keys while holding the data encoder, you don’t directly “write” the note/chord
you just put it on a momentary memory
you have to release all the keys (and the data encoder) then you can select the steps where you want this note/chord to be

same thing to enter notes/chords via an external controller except you have to activate the option in the settings

Thanks for the prompt reply. I will give it a try.

This works as you describe. Thanks again. The manual could be a little more explicit.