Harmonizing with "match chord" transpose track

I’m trying to achieve the following

  • Track 1 sending random notes (a pattern stepping through 8 notes, with run set to random), converted to pitch CV on my modular
  • Transpose track on match chord fixing track 1 to the chords played on track 16
  • A harmonized interval of track 1, constrained to the master scale by a scaler effect, converted to pitch CV on my modular

This is a little trickier to achieve than I assumed it would be though

  • I can’t send the note data of track 1 to another track (say, one not being affected by the transpose track), so can’t apply the harmonizer effect somewhere else to escape match chord
  • If I use the harmonizer directly on track 1 and program my MIDI to CV converter to convert two voices, the second voice gets squashed down by the transpose track into the same notes as voice 1 because the transpose track seems to do its quantization after the effects
  • If I completely separate a second track from track 1 (i.e. with its own random note pattern, outside of transpose track), I lose the relationship with what’s playing on 1
  • If I mult the pitch CV from track 1 in my modular, I can do various things with adders and a quantizer to achieve the same effect, but it’s less playable/recallable than it could be all within the Hapax

My back up plan here is the last one (do the other stuff in the modular), but I’m curious if anybody has any ingenious ideas about how I could do this entirely within Hapax. One way I came up with was to use the Output effect and MIDI loopback, but I don’t really like MIDI loopback techniques because it’s very easy to accidentally cause MIDI feedback loops. Has there been any thoughts on giving more options on when the transpose track is applied (eg. pre FX vs post FX)?