HapaxOS V1.12 RC2

I couldn’t find any topic or announcement on this, but apparently HapaxOS V1.12 RC2 is available from https://beta.squarp.net/hapax/firmware/ since a couple of days back.


That’s a very nice list of improvements. And holy crap, when they promised improvements regarding load times of instrument defs and projects they weren’t joking.


Have been testing it for a few days and it fixes a lot of issues for me!

The main thing: I was having hanging notes on synths connected to the USB Host port, especially when playing chords. This seems to be fixed!

It also adds a sidechain function to the envelope, although this is not mentioned by the release notes. This was something I requested a while ago. Now I hope they will allow for other midi channels/tracks for the envelope destination! :slight_smile:


Just installed it… wow project loads are so much faster! Love that!

  • NEW+ project now shows ‘BLANK - DEFAULT - CANCEL’

I’m not seeing “DEFAULT” as an option here, but I like the concept. I have a template project with all my instrument defs so it would be nice to be able to set this as the default.

Would also be awesome to have the option for Hapax to just load whatever project was loaded when it was last shut down…


Maybe You need to save a project as “default” at first? :upside_down_face:

Haha, I’m not surprised y’all found it on your own!
We sent it to a couple of people who reported some issues to get their feedback, but we meant to announce it this week for all to try out.

Please bear in mind this is a beta version, so there’s still a couple of things to iron out.


Absolutely. Is it in your interest to file bug reports against it?

[that question isn’t necessary anymore after an edit in the post above :slight_smile: ]

Of course, that’s what it’s for !

Haven’t seen that as an option at the Save or Save As screens. Am I missing something? The manual doesn’t mention anything about this.

Do you mean just name it “default”??

edit: ok I named it default and that worked!


”Speak friend and enter” :slight_smile:

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Yep, my hint wasn’t exactly detailed. :joy:
I’m glad you found out anyway. :ok_hand:

It’s cool that FILL is now a modulation source, but it would be even COOLER imo if FILL was a destination! :thinking:


Aha, sorry for stealing the show :slight_smile:

I figured since it was public, you were fine with it being shared. Hopefully you’ll get bug reports a bit sooner this way.

That was my first thought, exactly. With fill as destination, you would be able to trigger it from litterally anything. :exploding_head::partying_face:

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About half of my definition files show errors when I run this firmware. They work fine on V1.11. Is anyone else having issues?

Hi @c.furrow
Could you send us a few examples via the contact form ?
I’ll look into it asap

Absolutely! Thank you!

Me too, I have 3 different syntax error messages.

Unlike before, 1.12RC2 seems to enforce syntax checking in the [PC] section. Or rather, doesn’t fail silently anymore. All my error messages came from PCs >127.

@polynil RC2 was mistakenly validating (0-127) instead of (1-128) for PC.
That will be fixed next revision. 1.11 was correct, 1.12RC2 is not.

FYI, @c.furrow 's issue had to do with non compliant syntax, which worked in 1.11, but not in 1.12.
This will NOT be fixed as non compliant syntax will not be supported, and should be fixed to improve future compatibility.

Here are a few offenders, and the corrected lines:

    # CC
    # DEFAULT_VALUE must be a valid number between 0 and 127
    14 CHANCE      # this is compliant
    14:CHANCE      # this is not

    106:0 FltrMode  # this works and defines a default value of 0 as well as a name
    107:BP OnOff    # this does not work, ':' should be followed by a number for default value
    107 BP OnOff    # this works

I’ll take a look in the Instrument Definition category and look for non compliant syntax which should be fixed.