Hey y’all !

Here’s an updated version of the beta firmware: hapaxOS 2.00BETA C
It fixes most reported bugs of beta B.

Word of caution !

As noted by members of the community, it is recommended to make a backup of your projects before upgrading to this beta, as older firmware versions won’t be able to open project created with beta versions.

How to join

This is an open beta. Just hop on to the beta website to get it!
The updated manual is available as well. (PDF version is unavailable for the moment).

How to send feedback

For all feedback, please send an email to beta@squarp.net
Please note we will not consider any feature request at this stage. Bug reports, small suggestions and general feedback is welcome. For all bugs, please provide a clear step by step procedure to reproduce it, so that we can fix it more easily.




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You guys rock! thank you

very excited for this update! thanks

Absolutely loving OS v2!

I do have a quick query regarding follow actions though (in 2.00C). Is it the intended behaviour of song mode to override follow actions? e.g. I can have a two-pattern chain running back and forth in performance mode (4 bars each), but when I set the first as an 8 bar section in song mode, it’ll just repeat instead of moving to the second pattern after 4 bars. I’ve tried explicitly setting the ‘foll len’ to 4 bars too, to no avail.

Anyone else noticed this? Is it the intended behaviour? I was hoping a song mode would set the start position of a section rather than locking it for the whole section. If I manually trigger the section in performance mode it runs as expected with the follow actions, just not in song mode. Probably irrelevant, but I’m using it with pre-send on too to switch patterns on a Rytm.

Anyway, this possible quirk aside, this machine is full of inspiration and possibilities.

Filed a bug report anyway, as the difference in behaviour between performance and song mode seems unlikely to be intended.

Am also loving v2.

One question - has anyone got loading midi files into drum tracks to work?

Have a track that loads into a poly track no problem but in drum tracks it say it loads but nothing shows up. Have emailed this in but no reply.

Per the last line of the manual in the Tracks → Importing MIDI section: “For the moment, you can’t import/export MIDI files on a drum track.”

The way that sounds is that it is a feature that is coming. I am really excited for it to arrive. I have these two books I reference for drum patterns: Pocket Operations, and 260 Drum Machine Patterns. I’d like to load all those patterns into Hapax! Hope that’s a thing soon.

I sent this request to Squarp.


fantastic idea! old school :slight_smile:

I don’t know, but wouldn’t you first have to manually recreate those patterns in midi before you can import them in Hapax? Hapax is perfect for recreating them directly into the machine! Would make more sense to then export them as midi file to another machine or DAW.

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Even if all these midi files did exist - would they automagically work for every drum track, when each drum lane has its own note/channel assigned?..

when can a final 2.0 firmware be expected?

is there a bossa nova or waltz in there? :grinning:

I imagine I would have to create the drum pattern on a Drum Track and then ‘export’ it similarly as to how it’s currently explained for a Poly Track (Press 2ND + track and select the up arrow to export the current pattern as a .mid file). No small task… but I’m up for it cuz I want to experiment.

Currently for Poly Tracks when importing a .mid file the manual says “This action will overwrite any previous notes and events present in the pattern.” I’m hoping for importing .mid files to Drum Tracks this could be different- or at least have the option of replacing or overdubbing notes similar to the Overdub function in Live Rec (Hard Rec/Overdub per the manual: When hard recording is selected, the previously recorded notes will be erased upon a new recording. Overdub allows to merge incoming notes with the existing ones). What I’m imagining is something like stacking two rhythm patterns on the Roland CR-78. For instance you could select Rock-1 and Boogie. Combine this with MIDI Effects like Chance, Euclid, and an LFO and you’ve got wildly new variation on tried and true rhythms! Or at least that’s what I’m imagining… it might be a total mess in reality. Again, I like to experiment. Even if I’m not able to stack two or more patterns, it would still be useful to quickly select a rhythm pattern from a list of saved .mid files.

I imagine each of these .mid files would contain patterns for each lane that would correspond to a Note Number. It would be up to the user to match the pattern to the appropriate instrument in their drum machine. In my case I would program these patterns in Hapax for use with a Roland TR-8S using the same convention as the Instrument Definition I have set up for that instrument (ie. BD = Note Number 36, SD = Note Number 38, etc, etc). If an imported pattern didn’t align to an appropriate lane, it’s easy enough to copy the entire lane, delete it, and paste it to the correct lane. Then you could save/export that revised pattern if you like. Does that make sense? I’m not saying setting all this up would be easy, but once I have a library of patterns saved, I imagine it would be a very useful tool.

You bet your booty there’s a Bossa Nova pattern in there… a half dozen variations along with a bunch of breaks to go with them! There’s also Rumbas, Cha-Chas, Swings, Sambas, Discos, etc! I think perhaps you jest, but for me, I would find it useful to quickly import these patterns… I don’t have them all memorized. And more so, it would be a lot of fun to experiment with these tried and true rhythms that have composed the last 100 years or so of pop music using MIDI Effects (especially if we were able to stack patterns as I described above).

EDIT: I received a response from Benoit at Squarp regarding importing/exporting MIDI files for Drum Tracks. Sounds like we can expect this feature in the near future. “Yes it’s definitively planned but we need a rock solid regular midi import before adding an extra layer of complexity. It seems to work like a charm for now, so I will add this feature soon.” So if you have thoughts on how this feature should work, I suggest contacting Squarp about it via the email link in the OP above.

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Yep! At least the Bardet book has some f4om what i remember

I suppose some sort of midi file batch processing tool capable to replace notes would be a better way then. I wouldn’t expect squarp to deliver anything of sorts with hapax fw…

Is anyone else getting notes hanging since updating?
Only way to stop it is to hit as many keys as possible on my midi keyboard.
Happening via USB to a midi track in Bitwig /w Kontakt 7 loaded.

Pressing stop twice on the Hapax sends a midi ”All Note Off” message which should cut any hanging notes.

Haha, thanks. That is helpful!
Still having the hanging notes though, could just be a Bitwig/Kontakt/Slate+Ash problem though.

i also have hanging notes and sometimes the sequences get random hanging notes after a while. I m using the cv and gate outs.

If i export songs out of my other sequencer with all 16 tracks as one midi 1 file… how can i load or import it in one go as a section? I do not want to import every track pattern separately myself onto corresponding tracks…
I need midi 1 files to be able to load into a section over 16 tracks.

If that’s still not possible PLEASE make this possible, as a hugh time saver to begin with.

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