hapaxOS 2.00 - new firmware

Could someone please explain how to do sidechain compression easiest way on the awesome FW 2.0? :smiling_face: I have a drumsynth on track 1 and a bass synth on track 14. Drums are on Midi B and bass on Midi A.

Thanks! :blush:

Thanks for the new firmware. While I wasn’t insanely dissatisfied, I feel like the hapax is now conducive to the workflow I had established using the pyramid. I do have a question regarding multitrack recording. As cool as it is to use multiple controllers to write data on one track, “multitrack record” on the pyramid seemingly meant something different. I have sub37 on ch1 rev2 on ch2&3 and simply put I want to record info from all three without having to switch to a particular track on the hapax.

On the drum track:

FX1: Output → to the actual drum machine, so the midi is sent directly to the drum machine without the added Envelope FX. Set Consume to On, so no midi is coming through to the next effect in the chain.

FX2: Envelope → Sidechain set to the kick drum note / Destination midi CC of the volume (cc7 for many synths)/any other parameter of the bass synth

FX 3: Output → Set the output to the midi port + channel of your bass synth. Set Consume to on, to prevent sending the Envelope to the drum machine.


Amazing. Thank you Squarp!

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Thanks! Will try. :smiling_face:

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Amazing! Is there any way of folding MIDI notes in the piano roll? Like on Ableton where you only see the notes that are playing?

I suggested this as a feature since the beginning. Hopefully they will add it in the future. Not possible now.

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Hello Squarp Community,

I just wanted to take a moment to express how impressed I am with the Hapax. It’s hands down the best piece of gear I’ve purchased in recent years. The level of control, flexibility, and creativity it offers is unparalleled.

I strongly encourage the team to continue their excellent support and regular updates. The commitment to improving and evolving the Hapax really sets Squarp apart in the world of music production.

Keep up the fantastic work, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for this incredible device!



I whole heartedly agree!

Does anyone know if it’s possible to narrow the velocity range when you use the ‘2nd + drum lane’ combo? I often find having 1-127 in velocity divided by 8 lanes isn’t specific enough

I don’t know but it would be nice to be able to set the specific velocity per lane

I think if you hold the lane arrow on the right side you are able to adjust the paramaters for the entire row.

No, I don’t think there is a way to adjust this at the moment. This is a similar issue as with not enough definition when using automation lanes… each square of a column represents 16 values of 0-127. It would be great if you could set a range (Drum Lane Velocity, Automation, etc) and have that range reflected in the column or be able to scale up and down the column through pages.

Squarp is aware of this and may implement some sort of change in a future firmware update. Be sure to send them an email to let them know your thoughts on the matter: Contact us | Squarp instruments

In the meantime you may find a solution in a different approach to velocity by using the Curve Algo. It allows you to set a min and max range then apply that range to a recorded section (i.e. a Drum Lane) using the selected curve. Thanks to Benoit @ Squarp for this tip! :v:t3:

Hope this helps!

Don’t know if I’m misunderstanding but if you hold the lane arrow on the right you can rotate the velocity encoder (or any parameter encoder) on the left screen and it will adjust all of the events in the lane by one degree.

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We’re talking about the velocity view.

Entiendo :saluting_face:

Since buying a Push 3 and Live Suite, my Hapax (the supplied cover) has been gathering dust. These new features are so cool, I am looking forward to upgrading and digging back into Hapax. I’d thought of selling it, but now, no way!

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Anyone else having issues with MPE after the update? Does not seem to be handling pitch bend correctly

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I have mpe problem with correct midi out channel and playing mpe notes

same re: MPE and Poly AT not working

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