hapaxOS 1.14 - new firmware

Hey y’all!

At long last, the final release of version 1.14 is here !

As most of you know by now, it’s almost exclusively bug fixes, and overall stability improvements.
An upcoming release will bring about some more exciting features, though :wink:

A huge thank you to all of you who helped us by beta-testing this firmware, it was incredibly valuable !

To download this update, and for more details about the release, click on the link below:



awesome! Pass thanks on to the team for fixing all of these (even though I think I’ve only experienced a couple here and there). Looking forward to the next feature update too!

Big thanks to the team ! :ok_hand:

Thanks very much for your ongoing work on the Hapax.

Big thanks to the development team! :+1:

After a day of testing, all my detected bugs from 1.14B are gone and system seems solid as a rock. CONGRATULATIONS! It took a lot of time but Hapax now works as expected. New features are most welcome, I’ll be on the beta team as soon as you deploy it!


Just spotted the audio sync… looooovely.

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im getting dropped midi notes

i love the auto reset!

is anybody getting dropped midi notes?

it seems so far to only do it when i sync to an audio square wave on the 16th notes. same exact signal as before 1.14, but now it drops midi notes.

Is a Sync signal from modular also supported?

Did you try changing the cv input range?

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Faster boot? That must be superfast because Hapax already booted really fast before the update. :smile:


Just updated and that is some super duper fast booting. It’s too fast for me to see any booting in fact, just look like it was already on and I just turned on the screen :slight_smile:

Indeed, it’s not booting anymore, it’s just … on. Which is crazy awesome in these days where everything starting from a toaster boots for a minute and then spends the next half an hour fetching and applying updates :crazy_face: