hapaxOs 1.13 - new firmware

Hey y’all!

We just released hapaxOs 1.13.

It’s mostly bug fixes, but there are also two new features:

  • Adding drum events in velocity view
  • ENV can be set to wait for completion of A, H, and D stages before going into release (useful for sidechain envelopes :wink: )

To download this update, and for more details about the release, click on the link below:




The list of ergonomics improvements looks really good. Thanks!

Great job! :sunglasses:

Thanks! Will def be trying this out tonight.

heck yes!

(what constitutes a “drum event” on the velocity screen? i wasn’t seeing a difference from the prior version)

Thank you for turning around the envelope update so quickly! I’ll test this out tonight

Tried out the new envelope behavior and it looks great!

More info here: Dialing in the perfect sidechain envelope - #18 by Pete


Previously, on Velocity View, it was only possible to edit the velocities of existing events (notes).
Now, when holding 2ND, you can add new events, replace events, and delete events.


I can´t see any difference when I press 2nd in Velocity view (drums)?

He means that if you hold 2nd and then push a pad, it will add/remove a note instead of changing velocity (I think - haven’t tested it myself yet)

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I see. It´s a bit strangely implemented. Why couldn´t 2nd be go back temporaly to the Steps?

Hey! I just logged on after jamming with the 'pax and had a question, then this! Mwaa!