hapaxOS 1.10 - new firmware

Hey y’all!

We’re happy to finally release hapaxOS 1.10 ! :grin:

Compared to the release candidate, it fixes a few more bugs, gives the “ENV” effect a beautiful logo, and adds the WARP feature:


Learn more about WARP.

To download this update, and for more details about the release, click on the link below:



I’m really impressed with how much you’re packing into these updates - thank you.

Warp is a very elegant and simple little feature - well played.

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warp is so cool… i was waiting for this since years (on the pyramid) Thank you!!!

can we also get vertical warping?

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Great update. Thank you!!

Wow, that’s a big step forward ! Thanks

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Chord Matching - woooop wooooooooop!

Amazing update all round :star_struck:

That’s a reminder on why I chose Squarp over the rest.
You guys rocks, can’t wait to see the full potential of this machine unleashed even more in the next updates!

… And can’t wait to have mine on the desk, but today september seems a bit less far tho

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If we had the beta 1.1 version. Is necessary to download the new 1.1 version??

Yes, there are lots of improvements and bug corrections !

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Having an issue with the new firmware. When I switch the output to anything besides MIDI A and then rotate encoder 5 (the one that chooses patches), I get an error:

I have submitted a bug report to Squarp, also.


Same here, in Step mode. Unrecoverable crash, too.

Seems to only happen on the MIDI Outs (apart from A) and the two USB ones. The CV/Gate outputs work absolutely fine.


Nice. Hopefully in the next update we get preview of notes when adding notes.

As someone who does not yet own a hapax, can someone explain to me what the new chord match feature does and how it works? Is it something similar to the harmonizer mode on oxi one?

I think it is similar to harmonizer, except on Oxi you need to predefine a chord and put it into the sequencer. With Hapax, you can play chords live, which is way cooler! Have not tried it yet though, this is just my understanding from reading the manual

Ah shame, guess I will stick with the 1.10 beta for now since I need to use the midi usb out.

Cheers @Steve @Loz for highlighting it.

I’m curious on this as well! I’m wondering if it works like the NDLR now, where the transpose track will change the notes of all tracks to match the mode (major, dorian, etc) of the song. In which case, I could sell my NDLR to offset the HAPAX cost (though I’d still miss the NDLR…)

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Not just modes, you can use a single note (play only C and all notes will be Cs) or 2 notes, 3 notes, etc.
It definitely works with scales and modes, too.

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I think I understand. So I’d play/input a note on the transpose track, and that would transpose every track but stay in key, like the NDLR? I guess that’s really not transposing, it’s having every track follow the chord track, melodically, correct?
Like if I transpose from C to D then A and my chord track is set to a C major scale, will all tracks conform to the Chord track? So that D and A would come out as Dm and Am, etc?
That would be a very cool feature if so, and I’d even perhaps sell the NDLR…though it’s it’s own little box of fun too…

There’s a good illustration of exactly what happens in the manual: https://squarp.net/hapax/manual/modeproject#MbVjkZU

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