Hapax with current setup MIDI vs USB

Hi there,

First time caller here. I recently got the Hapax and I’m looking for some advice on connecting it to my current setup.

Currently, I have my synths connected to my computer/DAW via a Motu 128. I could just connect the Hapax to the Motu and use it that way. However, I’d like to have the Hapax and synths indepent from the computer when using the Hapax. I’d still want my synths to be connected to my computer too.

I believe I could connect the Hapax and synth via midi and then just use USB with the computer but I’d rather keep using Midi with the computer if possible.

I keep reading about the iconnectivity. Perhaps that would be a solution?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is new to me. Thanks!

I’m assuming you have a Motu Express 128 usb-midi interface? And when you say MIDI, you mean MIDI-DIN vs MIDI-USB.

Your setup all depends on how many synths you have and how many channels. If you have multiple USB connections from the Motu on your computer with overlapping channels, that’s going to be a bit tough with the hapax with their current MIDI-USB implementation since it is a single connection per USB (host and device).

If you just have 16 midi channels, I’d start with a simple USB switch between the motu and the computer or hapax.

I’ve used the mioXL and I have multiple DIN ports from the hapax plugged into the mio going out to various devices. This can run independently of the computer and the computer can use USB through the MIO.

If you need to go this route, you should look at the MRCC from conductive labs with it’s simpler setup.

If you are handing with Arduino, this is a pretty nice solution: https://www.tindie.com/products/deftaudio/teensy-41-midi-breakout-board-8in-8out-usb-host/ and it can be used to get additional DIN ports for the other devices or you could replace those other solutions entirely.

So, how complex is your synth setup?

How many synths and channels are you using?

Hi and thanks for your help!
Very, very simple setup. At the moment I have the following connected directly to the Motu 128, each on their own input and each on Midi channel 1 - Matriarch, minilogue XD, Pro 3, Subphatty, Mother 32, UDO Super 6 and a Toraiz AS-1. The Motu is connected to my computer via USB.
I hadn’t thought about a usb switch but I don’t think the Motu Express 128 works without a computer?
I’m happy to rewire and change anything that’s needed.

The hapax can look like a USB computer, but it will only see one of the USB connections.

The easiest setup would be to have the synths all on separate channels and if you have a din port to spare, use that to connect the hapax. And route that port to all the others, which it appears that the motu might be able to do. This will disrupt your daw setup in terms of the channel assignments but not require changing the rest of the USB connection stuff.