Hapax vs Cirklon vs MPC Live II

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Looking for central brain to sequence lots of external hardware and modular synths and considering Hapax, Cirklon, Oxi One and MPC Live II. I have Octatrack and Beatstep Pro for external sequencers right now but like to get one that can control and sequence a bunch in my studio. Hard to decide which to get. Cirklon is great but a long 3 year wait. I want one that can sequence many parts easily from my Virus and modular synths. Thoughts?

i sequence my MPC One (plus two other synths, a sample playback box, and a couple 303 clones) from Hapax, so I’ve never even mucked with the MPC sequencer as a brain for my gear, though I hear it’s generally adequate for most use cases. but if you already have an Octatrack adding any MPC just for the sequencer may be needlessly duplicative. considered the Oxi but 4 tracks (more if you don’t want them to be polyphonic which . . . I do) versus Hapax’s 16 per project was the main dealbreaker there for me – though to be fair, Oxi has an Arranger mode for song building, where Hapax’s Song mode is still just arranging sections of mute states for patterns, not a truly linear arranger

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Ok that rules out the MPC so between Oxi One and Hapax as waiting another 3 years for a Cirklon is nuts.

There is one word in your questions that settles it for me - “lots”. If you have lots of gear the Hapax is significantly better than the OXI One (tracks, instrument definitions etc etc). I own each of the sequencers you mention, and I would only keep the Hapax if push came to shove.

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I do! I have six modular systems, many Elektron and Roland boxes, a Moog Sub 37, and new Access Virus TI2. Pulled trigger today on a new Squarp Hapax sequencer to make workflow easier and more productive and fun. Cirklon is 3 year wait and maybe by then will add a Cirklon to clock the Hapax and have double the sequencer power. I like to sequence my sequencers for interesting results. Will see how that works if possible on Hapax.

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