Hapax send midi to Ableton?

Hi, I imagine this question has been asked many times but I can’t seem to find answers:
I connected Hapax to my macbook using usb but I don’t get midi in ableton

here’s my set up in Live :

Can you clarify how you connected them?

IIRC the USB-A on the Hapax runs as a usb host, so it won’t shake the MacBook’s hand and talk midi.

I’m pretty sure you need to use USB-B on the HAPAX, so a MacBook you’d either need a USB-C to USB-B cable, or 2 cables - USB-C to USB-A female, then USB-A to USB-B.

On the Hapax, set output to “USB Device”. Use its live mode to test sending midi.

Thank you for your answer; I found out in the meantime what I was doing wrong. I thought that I could send by USB all the midi channels at the same time. I understood that I had to specify a track for a particular midi channel (for example track 2 midi channel 16 via USB device). am I clear?
I hope it helps someone that I write this!
but now that I’ve solved the problem, there’s a crazy latency!