Hapax screensaver

Who wants it? I do. Customable of course. :grinning:

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On the Hapax itself :thinking:
Personally I would rather the squarp guys focus on functional features and bugs than fluff.


Main reason would ofc to save the screens which is important, but would be nice if you in the future could customize it like SP-404 mk2. Make Hapax more personal. :slight_smile:

Flying Toasters, please!

In all seriousness, everything I’ve read about monocrome OLED burnout/burnin/pixel dimming is all over the place. Some say it can happen in a month, some say it’s fine for a year, some say it depends manufacturer to manufacturer or even panel to panel.

But the most quoted figure seems to be “50% brightness after 10,000 hours”. That is, if a pixel has been on, full power, for a total of 10,000 hours, it will illuminate to only 50% of its original brightness.

Now, I don’t think the HAPAX displays pixels at full power. And I, at least, don’t leave it on for hours on end. But pixels wouldn’t have to degrade a full 50% in brightness for “ghosting” to be noticeable. And seems reasonable enough to just switch off the displays after X minutes of inactivity — even from just an environmental standpoint. So why not? Better (screen) safe than sorry.


have you seen what happened to Electron octatrack screens before they added screen savers?.
display units at music shops were unreadable… people wanting replacement screens…
i think its probably a good idea before these issues start to at some type of screen saver


It doesn’t need to be an advanced screensaver/power off function. Newer machines like Oxi One, SP-404 mk2 etc. has this. Must be a reason why they have implemented it. But I agree that this function can wait. First bugfixing/UX improvements.

Was going to reply last night, too tired.
I completely understand the issue. Just don’t think it’s an immediate priority, specially not customisable.
I’m sure squarp have limited resources. Something that could be solved as simple as switching the screens off after a configurable period of time, with an option in the settings, could be done.
Note if your worried atm there is a contrast setting for the screen so you can turn that down which will dim the screens.
As for shops, not sure this is a issue since there are plenty of back orders to fulfil.

Also I would assume that they will be covered by the squarp 2yr warranty.


Only problem is if you forget or have one too many beers one night and leave your gear on the screen can burn in… these screens seem to have a lower brightness and less of an issue but still… guy was trying to sell me an Octatrack at the shop and I was like is this is a defect unit? Didn’t buy it and was hundreds of dollars cheaper because of the screen

Well that will be an expensive drinking hobby :laughing:

They are extreme situations though and given how quickly Hapax loads, saving and switching it off if you go away for a length of time and booting and loading is like seconds.

If the octatrack was significantly cheaper it was because it was a demo model with screen burn. Doubt it would be that amount off without screen issues. Not sure how shop display models are relevant though, there are always going to be some risk/issues with purchasing.

as above, I doubt leaving it on for one or two nights is going to cause burn-in :wink:
as @ChilledPanda pointed out, a demo unit has probably been left on for weeks on end… so not the ‘normal case’ … I don’t have any issue with my OT, which has been left on for a while (even pre screen blanking)

all that said, probably just a screen blanking after N minutes of no-use would be best option.
would likely need to be config option, since who is to say what N is… for some 15 mins might be enough, but others might want 30 , or 60.

don’t know what the hardware (display) supports… but given we already have a contrast display,
then presumably the unit could blank the display, and then turn down contrast/brightness.
might save a tiny bit of power/wear.

( I tend to have the contrast down on mine anyway… just out of personal taste)

anyway, raise with Squarp via their website - as per normal for requests.

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Yeah think is different brightness and screens used compared to the Elektron gear, definitely something to consider though… but may have all ready been tested