Hapax replacing digitak?

How is everyone using their digitakt now that used to use it as their centerpiece?

Are you still using it as a midi sequencer over the hapax for anything?

I’m also finding it hard to imagine trying to sequence the digitakt from then hapax as p locks are so integral to the digitakt (and any elektron box really.)

All ideas welcomed!

don’t have a Digitakt but I’ve always only sequenced my Digitone directly from Pyramid/Hapax (and sequence MPC One from the same for any sampling that I need to use). since i do drums from the RD-9/MPC, no real need to mess about with p-locking anything on the Digitone. just one Hapax track for each of the four Digitone Tracks and assign each of those to a separate MIDI channel. T1 = bass sounds, T2 = strings/pads, T3 = leads, T4 = FX/misc sounds

No doubt!

For me the digitone and digitakt are very different functionally as I don’t see it overlapping in my studio with the hapax at all.

P locking on the digitakt is rather imperative unlike the digitone, as are the 8 midi tracks for sequencing other gear.

I use the DT as a drum module primarily, sequencing it from the Hapax including most of the pattern changes. If the drums are too boring when I’m tracking I record the sequence into the drum machine and then try to muck with its sequencer to make it better.

The rk 002 is pretty cool too if you do single cycle waves as oscillators and play the DT chromatically from the Hapax. I always end up with the same dozen from the utility kit but there’s a free pack with thousands of them that’s easy to get lost in.

I love the sound of the Elektron sequencers but I don’t always love programming them. Also I tend to edit grooves down less when there isn’t a grid screaming ‘how many arms does your drummer even have??’

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