Hapax + Rample? Is this the best option?

Hi, I am researching options for a sampler to use with my Hapax. I have looked at most of the options out there but none of them seem to have the criteria I need.

Except Rample… It has no sequencer and so seems to be the only option that will suffice… But I have questions…

could I do looping of a sample with it provided I knew the bpm and used it correctly?
(precise looping ala jungle or breaks… not necessarily a break but seamlessly looped… )

could I do one shots? (I imagine this is a no brainer.)

The only reason I’m on the fence is because I would need to buy a skiff/psu and I’m unfamiliar with cv.

I understand I would need something to record samples and edit them separately in addition to a computer and the adapter to put them on the card…

I’d be using the rample along side a trio of korg analog equipment so I’d only need it for loops and one shots alongside midi equipment. Should I stop looking and just buy a rample already?

Not sure if that’s the best option. Going down the eurorack road is not worth it, if you don’t want to expand on that imo. Why not a blackbox or the tangerine? They can both sample directly, have oneshots, multisamples, clip-mode with BPM adjustment and an slicer. Granted the tiny touchscreen can be annoying especially on the tangerine but they do the job and you’d be more flexible if the device can sample on its own…

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the blackbox is too much interface… I’m considering the tangerine but it also has a bit too much interface… I understand about the question of going in to modular if I’m not already involved but I cant shake the feeling that rample is the brainless sample slinger I need. Plus I think it would be as good a place as any to enter the modular arena and I could cater my skiff to the rample and my current setup.

thank you for the suggestion though…

Why do you say that?

I meant, that the cost overhead for a skiff and power supply is not worth it, if you don’t plan on doing more with modular… But if you’re looking for an entry in that bottomless moneypit that is modular, this might be as good as anything else :slight_smile:

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I’ve been considering something based on a raspberry pi with either blokas.io or zynthian.org. The blokas pisound only has one button, so not a lot of interface. :wink: That is cheating of course since they can run full-on web interfaces.

Why not a volca sample?

Yes, assuming your loop is made (ie: no clicks etc) well then it will loop with Rample


You wouldn’t necessarily need to understand CV as Rample can be fully controlled by Midi.

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It’s geared towards a groovebox type workflow and I want to keep volcas out of the mix in general.

The raspbian stuff is interesting but requires a lot of mental overhead.

This is another reason I lean towards Rample. I imagine I could use the midi to control the effects from the hapax.

That looks interesting… It has a lot going for it. I’d not seen it before. But it seems to have few demo videos so I’m gonna keep watching and see what it can do in a mix.

I’ve decided on eventually getting a rample as the start to my modular journey but also getting a korg kaoss replay. This will cover everything from looping to resampling and extend song mixability.

it will also keep my setup korg and squarp which I like.


There is so much hate for the kaos sampler out there :smile:

I know and I can’t understand it. It’s a new product which the use case is very specific.

I’m sure you did your homeworks. Enjoy :+1:

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Found another raspberry pi based kit: https://www.tindie.com/products/albedozero/squishbox-kit/

This could be really easy to load sample libraries with the screen and push encoder. Pretty cheap too! You can also do more sophisticated synth stuff as well, of course.