Hapax program changes to Analog Four

Hi, I’m trying to understand the conventions for the Hapax program changes for the first time. I’m finding that the bottom row of automation send a program change to AI on the Analog Heat. The next row up sends to B3, then the next row to C5. I’m not sure if I need to change something in track settings (p70 of manual), or zoom in somehow on the grid. Any help well gratefully received.

First, you don’t need to use automation for program changes if you just want to assign one pattern on the elektron to one pattern on the Hapax. Simply long press the track button on the Hapax and then dial in the pattern using the third (or fifth) encoder (depending on how you count). Or switch to pattern mode and while holding one of the pattern grid buttons turn that same encoder.

If you do want to use automation, you can set a rough value using the grid like you did. Then hold that highlighted grid button and use the first encoder to fine tune the value you actually want. The program change value range goes from 1 to 127 and is distributed across only 8 grid rows. That’s why you can’t get to every pattern just using the grid.

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That’s much more useful. I just tried it using the long press on track, and it’s also jumping when set to program change 2 to track B3 on the analog four still. Is there a way to dial that in more finely, or does it need to use MSB or LSB, perhaps? Thanks.

Edit: I was able to use the second method successfully but it would be nice to know how to do it per track instead.

Also, I’m struggling to get it to hit the program change when moving from one project to another, presumably because it needs a start message to get sent, whereas the new project gets unmuted, I think? I wonder what a way around this would be other than hit stop/start? Not ideal for the live show I have coming up next week.

Did you remove the automation lane before changing it on the track? They’ll be in conflict otherwise. For Elektron pattern changes MSB/LSB isn’t needed. But make sure to also click the encoder, scroll down and select “pre-send” on the track – this way pattern changes get sent slightly before a pattern change on Hapax. If you don’t the Elektrons will always be late.


Perfect, that it did it, thanks so much!