Hapax program change w Elektron

Please help by clarifying this to me!
I want to send program changes from poly tracks (launching patterns on poly track on Hapax) to my elektron machines. So far i figured how I to send program changes with drum tracks only.
With poly tracks when i go to track midi settings (by holding track button) I can choose midi output (a/b/c/d) and midi channel 1-16. In order to send program change I need to match midi output channel to the program change channel on my elektron device (in my case it is set on 16). But in that case even-though I can change banks and patterns on elektron I can’t choose a voice because midi output is busy being on the 16th channel while voices are channels 1-4. What’s the point of program change if I can’t choose midi channel with the desired voice?
Is it possible at all?

Found a solution by simultaneously playing a pattern on a different track that sends program change only. Is that the best way to do it? Or is there a way not to sacrifice a whole track for program change just for one midi output

under Track settings . . .

tip Inside the PC menu, you will find the PRE-SEND option. If enabled, the program
change will not be sent at the very beginning of the next-pattern-to-be-launched, but
will be sent 1 quarter note before, useful when controlling Elektron machines patterns.
Please note that if the new pattern has been launched by user just before the effective
synced pattern change, Hapax will sent the according PC as soon as possible, so
maybe the receiving Elektron device will not be able to process this PC in time.

Thanks for you reply but it doesn’t answer my questions

Yes, that’s the way to do it. I agree, it’d be nice to have some way to send these kinds of messages without using up a whole track.

HapaxOS 2.00 update solves it! And new added features are so useful too, couldn’t be happier with it! :innocent: