Hapax program Change above 100

Hello, has anyone got the Hapax correctly sending PC to synths that have over 100 presets? My Prophet 6 just stops at the nearest 100 any time I scroll past 100 on my Hapax. I also cant get my Nord Drum to to go above the 1.50 as it uses decimal points. I’m guessing this can be corrected in the definition files but I’m not sure how to achieve this.

I also cant get any PC on my Waldorf Microwave 1 incase anyone has figured that out on the off-chance?


For the prophet 6:

The Prophet-6 contains a total of 1000 programs.
Programs are organized in 10 Banks with 100 Programs in each bank

PC messages change the preset within the current bank.
To go past 100, you’ll need to ask the prophet to change banks, which is done with CC32 (Bank Select LSB). In the PC menus of Hapax, you can set both PC and LSB to do that at once.

For the Nord Drum 2:

Programs are organized in 8 Banks with 50 Programs in each bank

So, same story there.


Thanks for getting back :grinning: