Hapax Pause Function

Hello folks,

I just got my Hapax, just want to confirm if there’s a Pause function in this machine? Similar to the Elektron Octatrack’s where you press the play button again while the track is playing and then it stops to that certain step when you pause it, then proceeds again from that step when play is pressed again. Hapax only restarts to the first step whenever i press the play button again. Any thoughts or workarounds to have this done? Thanks

kinda, maybe? … (haven’t tried it, getting Song to play my sections right without pausing has been work enough for now)

Press the Play Button button to start the song playback.

Tip When a song is playing, itʼs possible to set the mode to PERF : the song playback will be paused, allowing you to do live improvisation, manual pattern change, … Then you can go back to SONG PLAY or SONG LOOP to continue the song playback

Maybe it works if you slave it to the Octatrack and use the pause/resume functions on the Octatrack to make the Hapax pause/resume?

I tried this method, but it’s still the same result on the hapax, it just restarts on playback, even though i just paused and resumed on the OT.

Hmm… in that case, I suggest sending a feature request to Squarp