Hapax. packaging - what to expect


I’ve just picked up my “new” Hapax this morning from my local music store. When I got it home and unpacked it, I can see that there are scratches on the display screens and a small scratch on the metal casing above one of the screens.

It was packaged in a cardboard box (branded) and the only protection was a thin foam layer with cutouts for the knobs and a cardboard overlay on top of that. It wasn’t bagged and there were no protective films on the screens. The plugs etc were in bags and separate from the main unit.

Is this how it is normally packaged? If it is normally packed like that then I guess I’ll suck it up but if it should arrive with more protection, I’ll likely return it for a properly new one.

Mine came in a branded brown cardboard box, no screen protectors, I cant remember if it was in a bag but it was in good condition. I return things if they are not brand new when i pay for brand new, but on super fussy close inspection, it was brand new.

The thin layer cover, is it a grey foam like material? If so I think that is a reusable dust cover to keep it nice.

Yours sounds like how mine was packaged, minus the small scratch

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That’s helpful, thanks. I don’t think it’s too much to expect a bit of hardware costing £1200 should arrive unscratched. It was quite dusty too so I’m wondering if it was “open box” – everything else was all present and correct (including the foam cover as you described).

thats how mine came minus the scratch and dust. got a pic of the scratch?

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Mine also arrived with no screen protector, so it had some microscratches on it. Par for the course it seems. Otherwise case in perfect condition.

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to be perfectly honest i think that is a protection layer with a scratch on it. its not optically clear. my screen is very shiny and polished. maybe try to peel it off. im sorry if im wrong but that looks like the protection layer is still on.

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I think too.

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Well bugger me. I got a scalpel blade out and yes, there was a protective film on the screens. Thanks to @enthalpi too. I have to say that every other electronic device I can think of that had a screen protector also had a little tab to peel the thing off.

So just the scratch on the metalwork for me to be annoyed about now.

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Seriously!? I’ve just been scratching the corner of my screen with my thumbnail, with no sign of any film applied.

It is very thin and it took some careful microsurgery but yes, seriously.

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Oh my goodness you’re right! :sweat_smile: Had to use a razor blade to remove it (it’s made of harder plastic film than that I usually find), but now the screen is crystal clear. Thanks!

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It sounds like your Hapax was not packed with enough protection. Normally, a custom cardboard box should have more secure packaging, like thicker foam, protective films on the screens, and possibly a bag for the main unit to prevent scratches. If this isn’t the standard packaging, you should consider returning it for a properly new one that arrives in better condition.

That “foam” cover is actually felt. Custom ones are available on places like Etsy. I have one for my OXI, albeit it’s thicker.

I wouldn’t discard it, it’s a nice addon where typically no dust covers are provided at all.

Here’s a shot of mine with only the cardboard cover removed.

BTW, this packaging is worlds better than what Torso shipped the T-1 in, which had no bag and just a loose MIDI adapter that was bouncing around and scratched the top panel.