Hapax + NDLR setup?

Hey all -

Just got a NDLR yesterday and contemplating how best to incorporate it into my setup. Curious if any other Hapax users have one and how you’ve integrated the two!

I’ve a NDLR in my setup, with a Pyramid.

I tried 2 different ways of interaction between the two.

Controlling master transpose on the Pyramid, sending (eg.) drone note out from NDLR to Pyramid Master Transpose track input, letting the NDLR to conduct the song, and keeping all the other stuff sequenced by the Pyramid in the same key/chord.

Controlling NDLR chords notes/modes from Pyramid, sequencing a track from the Pyramid the usual way, and sending it to the NDLR input just like you would do with a midi keyboard. Given the fact that you can send that very track to different midi channels, you can for example sequence a chord progression or a bassline to a synth, and use the same track to sequence other synths connected to the ndrl, layering stuff with the same chord progression.

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