Hapax + Midihub. Addressable MIDI outs?

Hi folks. Prospective Hapax user here. I’m currently using a Midihub to filter MIDI sent downstream to machines, and was wondering if I’m able to use USB MIDI between Hapax and Midihub and still use each of the 4 outs on the Midihub through Hapax?

This way I could gain more MIDI ports using the Hapax DINs plus Midihub DINs (plus I wouldn’t have to change my existing setup!). Anyone know if this is possible? Thanks.

What midi hub do you use?

If you midihub is able to route midi internally (like my mioXL) you can just connect Hapax to one of the USB ports and then multiply the signal to all input/output ports of the midi hub. Just use the midi channel to determine which data should reach which instrument (and if possible: filter all other midi channel data inside the hub, so only the correct midi channel will reach the instrument).

Thanks Maarten. Midihub is actually the name of the device – it’s a programmable 4 I/O interface, so if I can still use all 4 ports in Hapax with the USB connection, that would be wonderful, as it would give me extra Hapax ports.

This Midihub : Midihub – MIDI Interface & Stand-Alone MIDI Processor

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Each Hapax midi port (4 DIN and 1 USB) manage 16 channels. If you plug the Midihub to one of these ports, you will have to deal with only 16 channels for its 4 midi ports. But yes, it will act as a classic midi hub. I’m using a MioXL with each Hapax midi I/O.
The Hapax USB Host port is made for a midi controller only (AT least for the moment).
As the Hapax midi FX are quite powerfull and will have more features with the next Firmware update, I’m not sure Midihub still usefull in your setup for the midi processing :slight_smile:

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Best to connect Hapax over USB to the Midihub, since USB has a much broader bandwidth, which is needed if you want to send midi to multiple channels at once

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Would certainly be useful for sending lanes of CCs along with notes. I could then just split and filter in Midihub to send them out to individual devices, and would still be able to use the DINs on the Hapax for other units (as I’m using all the outs in the Midihub now).

Not sure if this is what you mean but I currently use Bome Box between Hapax and all other devices.

I have a USB3 hub plugged into the Bome Box, and the Hapax USB Device port plugged into that hub, which I use for my first 16 midi channels (1-16 on USB Device).

I have Hapax Midi DIN A in/out connected to Bome Box DIN in/out for another 16 separately addressable midi channels (1-16 on Midi A)

If I want to do more I could run from another midi hub (like CME U6Midi Pro) which would connect to Bome Box via USB, but to Hapax via Midi DIN B in/out and I’d get a third set of 16 channels. (1-16 on Midi B). I don’t see a point in doing this since only 32 separate tracks are addressable/available at any time (across Project 1 and 2).

There are also Midi Outs C and D that could be used for unidirectional control but the same problem comes up.

I think there is more midi input/output available than there are separate Hapax tracks to send through those paths, because each track can only have one output set.

Unless you want to get very creative and use midi filters outside of Hapax to send notes below middle C to one instrument and above to another and sequence them both from a single Hapax track. But I don’t think CC messages are associated with notes so I’m not sure it’s possible to address CCs separately in this instance.

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Yeah it sounds like I can just use 1 USB MIDI port between Hapax and Midihub for extra routing, then split channels in Midihub between the 4 DINs to my gear. Then I’ve got spare MIDI outputs from the Hapax directly. I’ll order one at the end of the month.

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Just want to report that I have my new Hapax working perfectly with the Midihub via USB, though this is obviously limited to a single USB virtual midi port (i.e. port A) into the Midihub. Very happy with the setup so far!