Hapax MIDI Thru/Out

I love the look of the Hapax, it looks like a truly stunning sequencer!

I realise its early days and not many units are out in the wild yet but I have a question on the MIDI thru vs Out side.

Primarily I like to use a keyboard for note entry and general noodling around on the black and white notes and often playing a synth over the top of a recorded sequence being sent to that same synth, sometimes overdubbing too. I suppose this is a little like MIDI looping.

So a use case I would like to explore would be connecting a controller keyboard to Hapax to enter notes into the sequencer.
Is there a setting that would the allow the notes played on a keyboard to be both recorded into the Hapax sequencer and pass through to the receiving synth. Then once recording has finished, continuing to play the notes now held in the sequencer on the receiving synth.

I guess my question is, is there a type of ‘soft thru’ on the outputs? So playing and overdubbing of a synth from a controller keyboard can take place alongside playback of the same synth from a Hapax sequencer track.

Or is it more of a traditional MIDI Thru with the keyboard>synth monitoring only happening with Thru and sequence data sent separately on a MIDI output?

It’s not a deal breaker if it is the latter, as there are work arounds - a MIDI merge should do the trick but it would be great to know if the hardware itself can support this.

I think the answer is generally yes :slight_smile:

… but Im not sure you need thru at all…

even if you have pattern recorded/playing on a track, you can still play over the top of it.
(without recording)

so, sometimes I do the following
play a bit on my synth…starting perhaps with a fairly sparse pattern.
hit record to record the loop.
play the synth over that pattern , to fill it out.
hit record to (overdub) record on that loop.

rinse and repeat…

that does not not at all require midi thru.

however, yes, you can turn on midi thru if you want.
it does NOT consume the events… so still goes to tracks (depending on how their inputs are configured of course)

BUT if you do that, you would want to MUTE that track to avoid data being sent both via the thru and the ‘sequencer’ route, and so causing clashes.

… that said, you could use this creatively.
e.g. use the thru as a ‘dry’ signal, and then generating things on a sequencer track.

again, you need to be careful here… I think it’d be very easy to create hanging notes… as alot of hardware synths do not like being sent two note-on for the same note number.

but as I say, from my reading of what you want… you do not need to use thru, I think it does as you expect ‘out of the box’

Hey thanks for this info! thats great to hear.

It sounds like it is using a type of soft thru then on the MIDI outputs.

To clarify what I think you’re telling me it can do.

  • Connect Keyboard to MIDI IN
  • Choose MIDI IN routing on sequencer track
  • Route MIDI OUT to a synth
  • set sequencer running
  • Play keys on Controller Keyboard - you can hear the synth
  • record sequence from keyboard into Hapax - you can hear the synth
  • take out of record and pattern/sequence starts looping - you can hear the notes you have recorded playback through the synth
  • hit record again - you can hear the existing synth sequence and now the notes you are overdubbing into the sequence

If that is the case… this is a combo that opens wallets.

Thanks again for the info!!



(I do understand the question though, as I know some sequencers once you record a pattern will ‘block’ incoming midi going thru the track, but thats not the case here)