Hapax Matrix CC to PC


trying to convert MIDI CC to MIDI PC to change patterns on a Digitone.

This by taking external MIDI from a Processing sketch (the library I’m using just does Note and CC, not Patch Change).

I can send note and cc via the hapax to the digitone, & I can sequence PC values in the Hapax that work - but using the MIDI matrix to convert the CC values to PC values isn’t working for me.

says its possible, so how do I make this work

Left screen Matrix settings

Right screen Matrix settings.

Using MIDI monitor I can see the values coming in, I dont see PC values going out.

Hopefully there is some obvious step I’ve missed here.



got it to work

Processing sketch on mbp spits out cc MIDI
Hapax converts to program change MIDI
patterns change on Digitone


Hapax is not converting everthing that comes through (which in this context still kind of ok) & after leaving all the kit on for a few hours I had to restart the Hapax to get it all to work again

CC values coming in, not all converted to PC values

note - these are quarter note ‘bars’ so possibly a bit of an edge case, but shouldn’t this just work?


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I’m seeing this same issue in the ModMatrix, even when using Hapax pads to generate the midi messages. It’s the only mapping in the matrix, and no other midi effects present, so I’m thinking this is some sort of bug with the midi output logic.

In my case, mapping Keytracking > CC message, the left screen correctly shows the value change on the scale display but doesn’t always produce an output CC message. I’ve confirmed this isn’t an issue with the receiving device by the Midi Out monitor on Hapax, which shows an output CC is produced only intermittently on key presses (even when changing each subsequent keypress by, say, octaves).