Hapax Match track transpose; quantization remaining in scale when transposing other tracks?

I am wondering since I seem to be misunderstanding the manual. Lets say my project is in D Minor, and I utilize the Match track, do the other transposed tracks remain in D Minor while track 16 is transposed or do they transpose as a chromatic scale, essentially hitting wrong notes?

“ Match Chord is a fun and musical feature, opening the way to live scale changes and new harmonization possibilities.

Once Match Chord is set on Track 16, it will listen for a note or a chord. Every other tracks (1 to 15) will have their own notes quantized accordingly. This allows you to transpose everything to a new scale, a new chord or even a single note and thus change your entire project harmony in real-time.

On the bottom of the right screen, you will be able to view the chromatic scale used thanks to the small piano roll (played keys are white):

Note When using Match Chord, note’s octaves have no effect: only the chromatic scale (the set of twelve pitches, from C to B) will be used to quantize the other tracks.

Tip If the pTRSP SYNC setting is enabled, you can use the livemode parameter PLAY (Hold or Relatch) on track 16 to sustain what is played.

Note By default, the change is instantly applied. To enable synchronized changes, please go to settings , enter MISC and set the pTRSP SYNC (instant, 1-beat, 1-bar, …). You will need to sustain the chord until the synchronized change has been processed. If the new played chord (or note) is released before the sync, Match Chord will be reset to the default chromatic scale. On the bottom of the right screen, a progress bar helps you to visualize the sync:”

all tracks with “pTrans” on will follow the notes on track 16.
so you can choose wich tracks get affected.
… ah, yes i see that wasn’t the question :wink:
I guess you need the “scaler” fx on track to keep it always in scale.?

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