Hapax lfo/env distortion

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has anyone found a workaround to avoid distortion from the lfos/envs on certain destinations?
first came across it using the cv outs to modulate vcas and other euro stuff - then again when modulating the cutoff on my waldorf m (not present when using m’s internal lfos)
similar on a s2400 when modulation panning and cutoff

midi’s by definition not as hi-res as analogue or internal sources - i’ve been able to reduce/lose the distortion in euro by running it through a slew so seems it present on the hapax waveforms - obviously would prefer not have to slew every mod source as alters the waveform and waste of the module…

is there a smoothing option or technique i’m missing? or could one be added? modulation from the hapax is huge for me and this makes it unusable in many scenarios.


Hi @adg672

That’s odd.
What kind of distortion are you talking about?
Is there some noise in the waveform? Is it clipping? Is it too sharp?
Do you perhaps have an oscilloscope module that could help troubleshoot the issue?

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thanks for the quick reply!
here’s a quick audio demo - raw hapax sine lfo into vca (offset 0, depth 70), cv out set to 0-5v (would be awesome if this could be set per channel!)
you can hear the distortion at the beginning, then i gradually increase the slew amount and you hear it disappear - so clearly the slew is smoothing out the waveform.
monitored the lfo signal visually on a mordax data and can definitely see some irregularities in the waveform

here’s another example
midi lfo modulating the cutoff of the waldorf m (so no slewing possibility)
can hear me changing speed of the lfo - distortion present on all speeds, more regular at high rates

on os1.11

I’m not able to reproduce the issue. Waveform is perfectly smooth on the oscilloscope, as well as with MIDI :thinking:

Could you please send a support ticket through the contact from below?

It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide us with your settings file, and a project file that causes this issue.

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Oh weird… sure, those files on the sd card?

Is there some specific gear you tried it on (euro/standalone)?

sent : )

What happens when you run the signal through an attenuator?

I suspect the signal is a tad hotter than the module expects.

hey : ) yeah, have tried many different levels and offsets

although the hapax’s max output is +5v (and set at 0-5v in my test case so lower than the vca’s max cv input level) and vcas won’t usually cause this type of distortion on a maxed cv input (for example a bipolar signal modulating a standard two quadrant multiplier)

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