Hapax is cool - a haphazard 3am love letter

i’ve been making music for a handful of years and own tons of gear. hapax might be the coolest thing i’ve ever owned. it is so clever and inspiring. what an absolute gem. i’m going to be spending years with it. currently i’m using it in a hybrid setup. the hapax generates ideas.

my favorite part is the chord mode. i hope they spend more time on it and add some more features.

since i am in a hybrid setup, the lack of patterns has not been an issue. i’m recording what i like and moving forward. since i’m not trying to do full compositions on it, the lack of patterns is no problem.

it helps me start my music without the pc, as well as continue to generate ideas off the pc, trialing different things before recording them.

thank you for all your work team.


i agree. its the best sequencer all around that ive ever owned. the only thing that came within 10 miles is zaquencer and maybe digitakt. hapax seems like it has all of my requests already implemented!. all i really want is more tempo synced divisions in the lfo!

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