Hapax + iphone?

I have a brand new Hapax and I’m already loving it.

One thing I’m trying to figure out is how to use it to sequence apps on my iphone. (I’m using the Korg Module app on an Iphone SE.) I tried plugging my iphone directly into the Hapax’s USBA jack. This does give power to the iphone, but the iphone doesnt seem to read any MIDI messages.

IPhone MIDI is so finnicky. Any thoughts what I might be missing?

Hi @tones !

Firstly, make sure you are routing your track to the USB HOST port, and sending messages on a MIDI channel that your app listens to. This can be done in the TRACK settings page (hold the TRACK button).

If that does not work, (I’m really not familiar with iOS MIDI, so this is a purely uneducated guess) perhaps MIDI over USB only works if the iPhone acts as the USB Host? In which case you’d have to use an OTG cable.

A Camera Connection Kit or Apple Multimedia adapter is needed.

You can also use similar (and more capable) adapters like an Anker 6 in 1.

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