Hapax - Getting started / Advice

Hi everyone

I’m exited to have recently received my Hapax. I’m crazy busy at the moment, between work and study I barely have an evening to dive in.

I had a very quick play around last night and hit a bit of a wall programming, as I’m so short on time I thought I might reach out to the community for help and advice.

I got the hapax to spark some new creativity and just have fun ‘jamming’.

I was just wondering if anyone had a moment to help me understand how to create instrument definitions and route midi correctly?

I will have some combination of prophet 5, buchla easel command, Roland jp8000, oberheim DX (midi modded), Roland TR77 (tubbtech midi mod), Roland cr8000 (tubbtech midi mod) and Vermona DRM1 connected at anytime to play with.

Would anyone be willing to chat with me about getting started?

All the best,


The routing is rather easy but you might need a midi hub if you want to be able to use every piece of gear as it’s own controller. Not sure if you intended on using the cv out on the hapax or getting a midi/cv converter to handle the modular duties.

You have some pretty interesting gear and as a result I’d assume the modded gear won’t have a definition file on the forum. The p5 and jp8000 might already be on here, which would kind of help you to build your own when getting to the other gear. The definition files can be a pain but we’ll worth it.

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They you so much for your response.

Would you happen to be open to having a little chat on Facebook or Instagram messenger? Or email perhaps?

No pressure.

Thanks again,


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I’m not really a social media guy. I actually suggest asking it in here so other people can add to what I say. I’m definitely not the most knowledgeable.

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