Hapax Drums - Slate Drum Mappings

Is there a mapping file to program HAPAX drums to Slate digital drums or NI Kontakt drums instruments? Any insight would be awesome.

program in what way? each of the eight sounds on a Hapax drum track are mappable to individual MIDI notes and channels so as long as the external drum machine/sounds have assigned note values, you just dial those in for each “lane” in the Hapax drum track

Was thinking there is a solution like a mapping template that programs hapax drums to slate midi config and other like NI drums.

Do you mean an instrument definition file for Hapax?

Not sure what you mean by NI drums, there so many different ways to play drums in Kontakt, most of which will support far more than the 8 lanes of a Hapax drum track. So unless you’re talking about a specific NI drum instrument, you would probably want to set that up yourself because your opinions would inform your workarounds.

I haven’t managed to find a suitable workaround for drums on Hapax yet.

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