Hapax Drum Sequencer not able to control individual step length per sound?

From what I read all eight sounds have to abide to the same 16/16 or 32/32 etc step grid?

Drum Tracks are not a “drum sequencer” since they still ultimately work at the Pattern level (like all the other non-drum Tracks).

Sorry for not using the correct “term”.

I understand it’s essentially just sequencing a pitch along a pattern.

So we have to have every sound on the same pattern length?

Or how are Euclid effects supposed to be used on drum track if they affect all sounds? Does the pyramid operate like this??

This seems like a weird limitation coming from a factory tr8 which can control each drum length individually, I honestly just figured with all the other options this would be one of them.

on Pyramid, you can apply Euclidean rhythms to a given Track but only for a single MIDI note value (or multiple notes if you program in a chord). this may work better for individual drum sounds because Pyramid has total 64 tracks so assigning a Kick (C1) to one track and Snare (D1) to another track etc. for all your drum sounds can produce different Euclidean patterns, time signatures, pattern lengths.

but Hapax can apply the Euclidean FX to individual tracks including Drum Tracks, just haven’t dug deep enough with it yet to know how granular within a pattern you can route the FX, i.e., different patterns for different MIDI note values, i.e., different instrument sounds.

I see…

I can just hope they expand the hapax with more tracks.

I’ve tried to use Euclid applied to individual sounds as it seems to allow, it sounds like it’s just applying it to the whole pattern though so I don’t know what I’m missing.

as i read the manual section on Euclid FX, it sounds like this should be possible (but maybe others who have more experience applying it to actual sequences have a better idea of how it works in practice)


![](data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8,%3Csvg height=‘512’ width=‘1024’ xmlns=‘SVG namespace’ version=‘1.1’%3E%3C/svg%3E)


Easily generate euclidian rhythms with this effect.

NOTE IN C0 (0) … G10 (127)
When set to “IN”, Euclid will use the incoming notes, e.g. if you hold the C, E, and G notes, Euclid will play a major C chord in a euclidian rhythm. Alternatively, you can choose to ignore the input, and generate a euclidian rhythm with a fixed note, while incoming notes will be passed on to the next effect untouched. Adding multiple Euclid effects on the same [t]rack (with different notes) is an easy way to generate complex polymetric euclidean sequences.


Seems like the best bet is to have your pattern running 16/16 or 32/32 etc and use whatever sounds with the Euclid effect instead of step sequencing.

Pretty clever, not quite as flexible as a standard drum machine but plenty fine I reckon.

Also just finding when you change patterns the Euclid effects keep running.

just got my Hapax yesterday and playing with sequencing my Rytm right now…i can extend the length of any note within the step sequencer. just press and hold the hit/note and turn the 2nd from left lowest encoder. under the drum kit animation, left screen, is the velocity i believe defaulted to 100, then to its right is the note length which seems to default to ‘1’. you can edit any note like this as far as i can tell…

not sure if there’s a way to change the default note length from 1 though, maybe someone else knows this? still making my way through the manual as i play and remembered this thread, just thought i’d pop in any mention that.

edit: just changing it within the pattern in Step mode, not specifically tied to any note, changes the default length.

sorry, Actual note length was never the issue.

i misunderstood the issue then, apologies.

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